Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blogger Nonsense

So... I have this habit. I find something new, a project, a system, a book... and dive in full force only to get overwhelmed and question why I even started.

So- when I wanted to try blogging and TPT - I knew I had to take things slow or "respect the process" as others have said. Slow is not easy. I was super excited to post my first blog entry. Ecstatic to have my first sale and set of positive feedback and encouraged by increased sales.

I feel like slow is a good way to describe my introduction to TPT- but sadly my blog just hasn't taken flight. I know- I am super jealous of the adorable blogs with cool links, buttons, signatures, etc. But I wanted to make sure I had the time and creativity to put into keeping a blog up-to-date... and with no comments/feedback/followers I have added my blog to a set of other forgotten things.

Ok- this is sounding like a pity party- and totally not meant to be. More of a wish that I could use a blog as a forum-for what people want in their resources, for ideas and concepts, and for feedback that would make me and my lessons/ideas better and stronger. I was hoping that this would provide a great way to join the blogging community to share resources and ideas and grow as a teacher.

Here is to a new year and new inspiration!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hoot Hoot Hooray! I created a post today!

So I-like most bloggers- have had a brief leave of absence... it happens at the start of school. So let me just say sorry.

So... since I last posted I have been working on a collaborative project with my teamie to create themed Data Notebooks/Date Binders. We have two posted two so far and have started three others.

Our binders include a monster theme and an Owl theme- both follow the same format-but have their own sense of style and are completely adorable- it feels so good to be so pleased with a final product.

I also had the opportunity to go on a Leadership day to see at 7 Habits/ Leader In Me school in action. After getting resources from that school and some other schools on what they use for their data binders I decided I wanted to create a unified set that included all the basics. As a new seller on TPT I really wanted to create something that I could use and that others would want for their classrooms as well. So as a result of the visit I have been a little overwhelmed with ideas, projects, and papers to go in the binders- but I think after this week it will all be well worth it!

The data binders are an amazing way for students to take more responsibility for their learning, it creates motivation for them to do their best and opportunities to celebrate their successes! I had my first "Celebration Conference" last week where I met with a parent and we are able to have the student lead us through the binder identifying their strengths and areas for growth as well as share about their monthly goals, first grade goals, and future career goals! I WAS SO IMPRESSED! It made all the printing, organizing, labeling, sorting well worth it.

Since my last post I have sold my first 50 items on TPT- I know a small amount to some, but a number I am proud of considering I only have 11 items posted and 3 are FREE :).

Please join me in celebrating. I have a freebie for the first three people to comment on this post! Just pin this blog or one of my products onto pinterest and leave me a comment with your email.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Classroom Themes- Owl Job Chart

Classroom Themes: What's Hot?

I don't know about you- but I LOVE some of the new designs for the classroom. Chevron, Polka Dots, stripes, patterns... you name it I am in awe of how creative my colleagues and fellow TPT sellers are and how well they decorate their rooms and keep them functional.

I chose my theme three years ago- Beach/Ocean based on blues and greens. It has gone through some major changes from the first year and each year I edit some things and have my summer to do list full of Pinterest ideas.

If I could have a classroom make-over (cost free- of course- in my dream world)
I would consider the following themes:
  • Neons Colors with polka dots/chevron
  • Black and White with a pop of one color
  • Owls (Just too darn cute!)
  • Monsters (What my friend is doing and super adorable)
  • Frogs/Pond (I just love blue and green- and my giant leaf)
What other themes do you like?


Sunday, August 25, 2013

TPT Sale- JustMyJobbie

TPT Sale- JustMyJobbie

I have had my TPT store up and running for exactly two weeks and I just hit my 25th sale!
 I am throwing a ONE DAY SALE in celebration of the past two weeks and all those people who have purchased my products!
Just wanted to say-
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Feedback is greatly appreciated and always makes my day!!!!
A freebie for you:
Title Page
30 Job Cards
4 blank cards


All About Me... And a Classroom Tour

Okay, here goes nothing. So as you can tell I haven't invested money in an ADORABLE background, matching graphics, and all the things I wish my blog had. But I want to see if it is worth putting all that into it before I do that and figure out blogging isn't my thing.
So for my first entry let my introduce myself:
Me (in blue) My sister (on her wedding day)
  • I am a twenty-something year old teacher in my 5th year of teaching.
  • I have taught kindergarten, fifth grade, and am now blessed to be in first grade.
  • I am a BUCKEYE at heart, but currently reside in Kentucky.
  • I work on the same team as my KTIP (intern) mentor and am so blessed to have her as a co-worker and friend.
  • I spend too much time on school-stuff but take pride in what I do and feel my time is well spent when I see the outcomes in my classroom.
  • I have recently gone through Leader in Me/ 7 Habit Training and feel I have a new outlook on life and a huge challenge in front of me to actually make changes where needed.
  • I started my own TPT account as a seller two weeks ago today and have had some ups and downs with that. It was going great but no sales this weekend :(
  • I am creative in a scrapbooking, DIY, Pinterest kind of way- but have a sister who is really artistic.
  • I can be somewhat OCD with a dash of perfectionism which means I spend WAY too long on things because they aren't perfect and I can't handle it even if no one else can tell.
  • I love to slow down and spend time in nature kayaking and scuba diving and have a heart for service and missions.
Enough about me... moving on to my classroom:
Here are some pictures from the 2012-2013 school year I made some changes but don't have picture to prove it... so I will just say 2013-2014 coming soon.
 I love taking tours of other classrooms and getting ideas and can be a bit of a Pinterest junkie... so for those of you who are visual like me- here you go!
Ocean/Beach Theme- Blue and Green

 Reading Center/Classroom Library
 Book Buddy Book Shelf and Computer Center
 The night before the 100th day of school (balloon activity)
Bigger Picture of the room
 My supply storage centers with listening center
 Math Tub Area- we had games in and out of this all year!
 Just Another View
 My back counter with teacher work station-
 I gave up my desk and haven't looked back!
Student Mailbox Center-and sink area.
 Bookshelf make-over
(A little wood putty, lots of sanding blocks, added a back to it and lots of paint)
(Little Tikes umbrella from yard sale)
 Carpet area, big book holder, and my teacher chair.
(Blessed to have a dad in the office interior market)
 Inside of my door- we can't use the outside... so I decorated the inside!
Another bookshelf redo- a little mod-podge and dollar tree wrapping paper.
Dollar tree bins.
Both shelves are yard sale finds! (2$ big/1$ small)
Enough for tonight!
I will try to get a Freebie posted this week!